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64-Slot Portable Storage Box
64-Slot Portable Storage Box
64-Slot Portable Storage Box
64-Slot Portable Storage Box

64-Slot Portable Storage Box

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Do you really want to be fumbling around with little diamond baggies every time you need to use a specific color again?

If this isn't your first canvas, you might have run into these problems:

  • Spillage when trying to pour leftover diamonds back into their baggies (which may become torn, causing further spillage!).
  • If you didn't like reusing baggies, finding suitable containers to pour the diamonds into.
  • Forgetting where you put that specific numbered bag containing that color you needed, causing unneeded frustration.

Well, I think there's no need to say more about this! Arranging your stones and tools is the very first step to have a perfect project. You can now store up to 64 different colors with this portable plastic drill storage box.

Product Details:

  • A box containing 64 removable units for you to conveniently store your diamonds while you complete your masterpiece.
  • Fits Square or Round drills
  • Each compartment set is 50mm x 27mm x 12mm
  • Color: Clear


Why Diamond Paint?

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Trains Your Brain To Focus - Easy to master with multiple emotional and cognitive benefits
  • Helps Your Fine Motor Skills - Gives crafters of all skill levels the opportunity to quickly advance to more challenging projects. Focusing on a task for a long period of time has been shown to improve concentration levels and hand-to-eye coordination
  • Helps to Spark Creativity - A lifetime hobby that never gets boring

Create beautiful diamond art that makes a perfect home decor or gift to loved ones. Enjoy every second filling this canvas with sparkly, precious rhinestones!

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